Week 38 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 19th September – Day 261

Sundays are usually a quiet day of watching TV, playing games and not much else. I managed to get the blog post live about the Crystalina dolls.

Monday 20th September – Day 262

I think the comfort milk is helping as she seems more settled and plays a bit more. Actually started enjoying her more.

Tuesday 21st September – Day 263

Bee was gifted A Mindfulness Journal which arrived today. We did a quick reel on instagram with a more detailed review to follow once we have used it properly

Wednesday 22nd September – Day 264

Baby decided that 5am was a good time to be awake so I put the lights on for her which distracted her for a bit. Hubby took today off work and he got the cot out from the shed to check it and so I could measure it for a new mattress. For some reason I had never got rid of it and now all 3 girls will have slept in it. Baby started being very unsettled in the evening….just as I had an online meeting about a new scouts group we are starting. I was late to it and then had to hold her throughout.

Thursday 23rd September – Day 265

I think I spoke too soon about the comfort milk. A stressful day with baby. She was very unsettled and a lot of crying. I was both physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day. Hubby did the cooking and cleaning as he had taken another day off. She won’t settle with him even though he tries so I am stuck with dealing with her all the time.

Friday 24th September – Day 266

Another unsettled day. I re started the infacol as I had stopped it when we moved to comfort milk. Rang the HV as I got concerned as baby’s poop wa also extremely watery. HV wasn’t very helpful….usual advice of change the bottles, wind her and to go to the pharmacy to get something stronger than infacol. I then rang the cranial osteopath and made an appointment for tomorrow……am desperate and willing to give anything a go.

Saturday 25th September – Day 267

I had ordered some more Candy Kitten Sweets through the vodaphone app and only paid postage. They arrived today and I like all the flavours. Also took the baby to the cranial osteopath today after days of her crying and me being so stressed. He did his massage thing and she was quite relaxed and then slept loads at home. He said there was tension in her neck and he told me some massage techniques to help. Will be going back for another session in just over a week.

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