Week 36 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 5th September – Day 247

A quiet Sunday getting ready for back to school tomorrow. Struggling to do anything blog related these days a baby is so clingy….and just about manage to get these posts done. But had to get some pictures for some Cat vs Pickles products we were sent. Managed to take some quickly. And then decided to treat the girls to dessert as feel bad I didn’t do much in the holidays with them

Monday 6th September – Day 248

Back to school for Bee, the start of Year 4. Eldest doesn’t go back until tomorrow so she went shopping with her dad to get a few things. She got her dad to buy me this drink as she knows I like it.

Tuesday 7th September – Day 249

Eldest back to school today and I was nervous about being alone with the baby for the first time. But we managed! We received a gifted baby pin which we shared to Instagram.

Wednesday 8th September – Day 250

Hubby had initially been planning to stay at home today as he could see I was getting a bit drained. With the heat and colic the baby has been hard work. But he had some work related things to do….but he came home in the evening bringing me some chicken and salad which was really nice.

Thursday 9th September – Day 251

Hubby’s day off. He was tired as well as had a rough night with baby. He cooked today and we generally just relaxed. Got some ice cream from the ice cream van. Had a wander around the garden, hate that there are so many weeds but still don’t want to overdo it so they will have to stay for now. I love the colour on this plant I have.

Friday 10th September – Day 252

Glad the weather has cooled down a bit….baby settles much better now too. A doll arrived today that I had ordered. It is personalised with her name on the dress.

Saturday 11th September – Day 253

Baby had her first proper outing to Nani’s house today. 3 of the neighbours popped round to see baby. They had been waiting for me to go round so they could meet her. Got some chocolates and flowers.

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