Review: Get Creative with Laser Pegs Multi-Models

Disclosure: We received Laser Pegs Multi-Models for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

I must admit I hadn’t heard of Laser Pegs until recently so I was curious to learn more.

What are Laser Pegs

Basically Laser Pegs are light up bricks. You build with them and then play with your creations. In addition to this they are also compatible with other bricks which help expands the fun and creativty!

There are a range of models you can purchase and build. We received the Red Racer and Sparhawk to play with.

Whats in the box?

Each set contains a range of bricks with a number of Led Light up bricks. Each LED brick comes with batteries so are ready to use. Each set comes with the instructions to make one model but you can in fact make other models and can get the instructions online. Each set follows a theme. So for example with the Red Racer you can make other cars: Tri-Racer, Beach Buggy and Dragster.

Constructing the models

The models are recommended for ages 8+ and Bee who is 9 had no problem following the instructions and putting the models together.

The instructions are straightforward which make them easy to follow. Just a few steps are mentioned on each page which helps prevent any confusion and as a result Bee needed no help to follow the instructions.

However for some reason she found some of the bricks a bit hard to put together and I have to admit that even I struggled with a few when she asked me to put them together. Especially the more slim ones. But in general she managed to make the models without too many issues.

The other problem we encountered was with the wheels of the Red Racer. She couldn’t put any of the wheels onto the rims. I managed to help her with the front wheels but the back wheels were a major struggle. And it seems that this is a issue in general with them. After some brute force by my nephew he finally managed to get them on.

The Sparhawk was easier to put together as we didn’t have to struggle with the wheels. Each model took about an hour to put together. And Bee was really impressed with them when they lit up.

We haven’t managed to try out the other models as Bee doesn’t want to break up these ones just yet! And can’t wait to eventually see what the other models look like when constructed.

Laser Pegs Multi Models Red Racer is available from Smyths and the SparHawk is available from Amazon, and independant toy stores.


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