Week 46 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 14th November – Day 317

I try to get blog work done at the weekends so the girls can distract the baby if necessary. Managed to get a reel done on Instagram of an unboxing of a Tasbih (prayer beads) I had been sent.

Monday 15th November – Day 318

A day of doing absolutely nothing. Mainly just cuddles with baby until it was time to pick up the girls from school.

Tuesday 16th November – Day 319

The baby absolutely hates tummy time but today we managed to get more than 30 seconds before she screamed the place down. Some iron tablets also arrived and I checked my records online….it appears my iron levels are extremely low and been put back on them but this time 3 times a day until February. Didn’t get a phonecall telling me all this though. It also looks like they forgot to do the blood tests I had originally gone in for…..my Vitamin D and my blood sugar levels. Don’t fancy going back though…may wait until Feb when they check my iron levels again.

Wednesday 17th November – Day 320

Today I was part of a book tour for the book Mermaid Lagoon. It is written by a young author, 10 years old. It is a fun book and Bee loved reading it.

Thursday 18th November – Day 321

A quiet day at home. Hubby’s day off….just chilled with baby. Did consider going to the shops but then decided against it. I seem to have lost my confidence about going anywhere with baby but I know I need to get her out and about. Managed to capture a nice sunset.

Friday 19th November – Day 322

I had heard the Plant Omar books were on sale at The Works. Ordered them earlier in the week and got the nephew to collect them today. Bee started reading them as soon as she got home. They are fun books.

Saturday 20th November – Day 323

Baby usually sleeps until about 8/9 after her milk around 5/6 and was looking forward to a bit of a lie in but today she decided that 7am was playtime. Put her on her mat and played some nasheeds. A bit later headed to the parents for a couple of hours as hadn’t seen them for a few weeks.

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