Young Author Book Review: Mermaid Lagoon by Thalia S.A.

Mermaid Lagoon is a place full of wonder, mystery and secrets. A place where the most magical things can happen. Is it for real….or just a myth?

Called upon by a great power, Lilly and her friends leave their normal lives to embark on a daring adventure to a mysterious but special school in the middle of the ocean, Ocean Academy. But when they get there…a whole mystery begins to unfold.

When I was recently asked if I wanted to take part in a book tour for a book written by a 10 year old I was initially hesitant. Partly because with a new baby it is hard to meet deadlines and also because I had reservations about a book written by such a young author and what it would be like. But then the title tempted me and thought Bee would enjoy a book about Mermaids. And I am glad we agreed to take part in the tour.

Thalia S.A

Young author and illustrator who was born in Manchester to Malaysian parents and grew up in the capital town of the English county of Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Thalia is an avid reader and loved being read aloud to when she was a baby, apparently even chewing and eating corners of her board books at around six months old. Her early childhood was filled with loads of pretend play, art and books. For her, happiness is a stack of books. Growing up as a Muslim child, she wrote the story in her point of view which made Mermaid Lagoon not an ordinary mermaid story. She has a goal to inspire children from diverse backgrounds, to always believe in themselves and be proud of who they are. Mermaid Lagoon is her first fiction for middle grade readers, written when she was 10 years old.

Mermaid Lagoon

The story is about 10 year old Lily who gets the chance to join a special school on the sea. She has dreams about saving some unknown people and decides to go to the school as she realises it is her destiny. Finding some friends along the way who are also destined to help her, she has to be brave, stand up for herself against a spy from the other side and help find a legendary object to save the kingdom.

Our thoughts.

Bee loved reading the book and finished it within two evenings after school. It certainly appeals to her age range and even I got immersed in the world of mermaids, spies, the Shadow Realm and more. The story touches on topics such as friendships, finding your strengths and touches on pollution by talking about keeping the oceans clean. Something that really does need to be discussed. It was also nice to see a mention of the hijab and the head teacher explaining why she wears it.

What was also unique is that a recipe is included…the cake that the girls bake in the story.. so you can make it yourselves and really feel part of the story.

There are illustrations through out the story, breaking up the text and making it more appealing. Some of the illustrations are done by Thalia herself, making the book all the more impressive.

If your children love fantasy and want to be emerged in a world of mystery, surprise and mermaids then this book will certainly appeal to them. An impressive story by a 10 year old author and is currently available on Amazon. (Affiliate link).

We look forward to seeing what other stories she comes up with.

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