Week 45 of 2021 – Project 365

Sunday 7th November – Day 310

A quiet Sunday as usual. Hubby got us some cookies before he went to work. I am never going to get my diet sorted at this rate!

Monday 8th November – Day 311

I signed up to a baby subscription box as they were offering a box for £5. Loved this puppet that was in it. Baby initially wasn’t sure of it but then she loved it too and smiled when we played with it.

Tuesday 9th November – Day 312

Baby isn’t crying as much but it is hard work keeping her entertained when she is awake. She didn’t cry in the car seat yesterday and today she was proper giggling in her seat with her sister on the way home from the school run. I am hopeful that that means we have turned a corner and she won’t scream in the car anymore. Will have to wait and see.

Wednesday 10th November – Day 313

I had asked my nephew to keep an eye out for these as I really wanted to try them and I eventually ordered them off Amazon. Plenty of orange flavour but bars are smaller and flatter….not like the originals.

Thursday 11th November – Day 314

She is constantly chomping on her hands now. I finally phoned the doctor….since my c-section I have only had 2 weeks break from bleeding and I got a bit concerned after I felt a bit light headed. Doctor said they will need to do a swab to check for infection and referred me for a scan just to check everything is OK.

Friday 12th November – Day 315

I also ordered these off Amazon as really wanted to try them. Had my blood tests in the morning….routine Blood sugars and Vitamin D check. The doctor had also added on a check of my iron levels after our chat yesterday. Managed to leave baby with her dad as she was in a good mood….was worried she would be crying by the time I got back but thankfully she was still playing on her mat.

Saturday 13th November – Day 316

I had an online course in the morning related to scouting. Just about managed to do it with the eldest helping to distract the baby when needed. My nephew went and collected a toy I had ordered for baby as it was on sale.

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