2022 – Week 2 of Project 365

It has been a quiet week as usual. I did the school runs in the afternoon Monday to Wednesday and baby is back to completely freaking out and getting into a right state in the car. So I decided to order a new car seat and see if that helps. We also ventured out for the first time to a baby group.

Day 9 – Sunday 9 January

No picture today. Was just the usual Sunday of chilling and watching TV and then getting ready for school tomorrow.

Day 10 – Monday 10- January

I got this book as had seen a lot of mums recommend it in FB groups and it was on sale at the works for £4. Sent hubby to go collect it. Has some good recipes in it.

Day 11 – Tuesday 11 January

Been trying to get baby to nap in her cot during the day, or even on the sofa….but she keeps fighting it. So she is still contact napping during the day. I guess at least it gives me some time to relax and I can read my book.

Day 12 – Wednesday 12 January

Hubby had brought home more cake on his way home from work last night. These were £5 a slice and were really nice. The strawberry one was better. This one had a hint of coffee and I don’t like coffee.

Day 13 – Thursday 13 January

I had ordered a new car seat in the hope that maybe a more comfortable seat might stop her crying. Plus I wanted a spin seat to help save my back when putting her in and taking her out. It arrived today and I fitted it in the car….will see if it stops her crying.

Day 14 – Friday 14 January

Took baby to Music Bugs. I almost didn’t go as the email said doors and windows would need to be open and to make sure we had wrapped up warm. But as I had paid for the term I decided to go and see how cold it was. Thankfully the only door that was open was the door leading to the rest of the building so it wan’t really cold. Baby was curious about the other people and babies and then loved it when the bubble machine came out. I’m glad we went now. Thankfully she didn’t cry in the car….maybe the new car seat and new toy did the trick….but it was a short journey so will see. Later, my nephew brought over the high chair that I had stored at the parents house. Have everything now for weaning and will begin at some point.

Day 15 – Saturday 15 January

I had been hearing about Richmond meat free sausages a lot so asked hubby to get me some. They were OK, not sure why so many have been raving about them as they weren’t that great. Myself and the eldest watched Eternals on Disney+ and then later after karate Bee watched Hotel Transylvania: Transformania which had been released on Prime.

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