2022 – Week 3 of Project 365

Day 16 – Sunday 16 January

A quiet Sunday. Trying to get baby used to her highchair before we start weaning but she still isn’t stable with sitting so didn’t leave her long in it.

Day 17 – Monday 17 January

Eldest has 2 weeks of mock exams from today. She was pretty calm about them I finally had a scan today which my doctor ordered some time ago due to heavy constant bleeding. Things have been settling down and the scan didn’t show any major issues. Treated myself to a hot chocolate. Felt nice to have some time away from baby even if it was just to the hospital. I was only gone about 40 mins; baby initially was ok with her dad but by the time I arrived home she had started crying.

Day 18 – Tuesday 18 January

Decided to try baby on a bit of baby porridge. She pretty much spat it all out, was happier chewing the giraffe and then was a bit whiny all day – don’t think she is ready yet. Hubby did the school run yesterday and I did it again. Baby not crying in the new seat last week was just a one off. She is back to getting hysterical again. Don’t think there is anything else I can do now except wait it out.

Day 19 – Wenesday 19 January

It is nice to see the days get lighter. Bee has dodgeball after school and it was nice to be able to pick her up without getting stuck in the mad traffic.

Day 20 – Thursday 20 January

Had an online meeting in the evening regarding scouts and it can be difficult when baby always wants me. However they don’d her popping up on screen now and then. Baby is getting used to her jumperoo and seems more interested in it.

Day 21 – Friday 21 January

Baby group this morning. Was a bit more stressful compared to last week. She was grumpy getting ready, cried in the car…was OK there bit then got grumpy towards the end….and then screamed on the way home. Thankfully it’s a short drive. But did make me wonder if I wanted to keep going.

Day 22 – Saturday 22 January

Didn’t take any pictures today. Went to the parents house in the morning as been a while since we went and had a takeaway. Came home in the afternoon and just chilled.

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