2022 – Week 5 of Project 365

Baby has been much better this week and we have started weaning properly.

Day 30 – Sunday 30 January

6 months today! And she is finally making an effort to sit. Did a bit of a tidy up when she allowed me, found some creams that have been barely used and I probably won’t use so will be gifting them on if I can.

Day 31 – Monday 31 January

A new book arrived which I was sent to read and share if I liked it. This will be my February read in my mission to read 12 books this year.

Day 32 – Tuesday 1 February

Baby is drooling a lot which I think is teething related. A friend suggested giving her a raw carrot from the fridge as it will be cooling on her gums. She seemed to like that.

Day 33 – Wednesday 2 February

I have been giving baby some baby porridge in the mornings the last few days and today I started making some purees to start lunch as well. Have decided to start off with purees initially as I am more comfortable with that than BLW. Made sweet potato and carrot puree and also sweet potato with basil. She loved the sweet potato and carrot and ate more than I was expecting. Hubby had also ordered a new bigger wardrobe and my nephew came round to help build it as baby doesn’t always let me do a lot.

Day 34 – Thursday 3 February

Hubby had brought some cake which was lovely. Finished off the doors to the wardrobe today and then spent time organising it and decluttering at the same time….ended up with loads of clothes to give to charity.

Day 35 – Friday 4 February

Almost didn’t go baby group as couldn’t face her crying, but decided to go. She enjoyed it once we got there. But she was extremely hysterical on the way back. Really does put me off going. Came home and made her a courgette and potato puree with basil. Se loved that too.

Day 36 – Saturday 5 February

I had an online scouts training session but eldest had her second Covid jab yesterday and wasn’t feeling great…so I couldn’t attend as had no-else to keep an eye on baby – hubby had gone to work and Bee had gone to karate. So a day of chilling. Ordered a burger for lunch.

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