2022 – Week 6 of Project 365

Not much happening this week. Final week of school before half term and I have cracked the screaming in the car for now.

Day 37 – Sunday 6 February

A quiet Sunday. Had said to the girls a few days ago I would get them dessert and ordered it today for them. This waffle was really nice from Creams.

Day 38 – Monday 7 February

A quiet Monday. Didn’t do much so haven’t got any pictures of anything. Put the Joie swing onto FB to sell. No point keeping it as its not being used and I have no where to store it.

Day 39 – Tuesday 8 February

Made a broccoli and potato puree for baby today. I could tell she wasn’t a fan as although she ate it she didn’t eat as much as she normally does. Don’t blame her really, I am not a fan of broccoli either. And also success…..I put some baby sensory videos on the phone for baby in the car and she stopped crying. It is not ideal as I am not a fan of screens in the car at this age…but anything to stop her crying. Just hope it continues to work.

Day 40 – Wednesday 9 February

No crying again in the car today on the school run, she was busy watching her videos…smiles when she got in the car and smiles when she got out. So hopefully this will last a while. Girls made a hot chocolate in the velvitiser when they got home from school.

Day 41 – Thursday 10 February

Bee came home from school with a reading award for reading everyday after school and got some prizes too.

Day 42 – Friday 11 February

Baby group today. It was nice to actually get there and home without any screaming in the car. Then after school I braved taking baby to Bee’s karate competition at the dojo. I haven’t been for a while and Bee begged me to go today now that baby isn’t crying in the car. We were there for about 3 hours and baby was pretty well behaved, had some milk, a nap and some giggles. Bee came third and I was pretty impressed. She had to compete against some boys and she almost beat one.

Day 43 – Saturday 12 February

A quiet Saturday. Usually my nephew picks up Bee from karate after her dad drops her off but he has changed jobs and no longer has Saturday off. So I had to collect her. The eldest decided to stay at home with baby as she was in a good mood and there wasn’t much chance of her crying. It saved me dragging her out in the cold. Didn’t take a picture of anything except for the salad and samosas I had for lunch.

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