2022 – Week 7 of Project 365

Half term week but I came down with a cold…so yet again we didn’t do much.

Day 44 – Sunday 13 February

Throat started to hurt and feeling a bit drained so not a lot happening today. Tried to rest up. Not the dreaded C but a cold. No pictures as didn’t do anything.

Day 45 – Monday 14 February

Eldest has her Food exam when she returns after half term, so she spent today in the kitchen practicing the dishes she is going to make. My throat and head started getting worse but can’t really rest with a demanding baby.

Day 46 – Tuesday 15 February

Hubby’s birthday today. He decided to take the day off. Usually we would go out to eat in another city but with me feeling rough and unsure if baby would scream on a longer journey we decided to give it a miss. I had to send him to go collect his own cakes/macarons as I really wasn’t feeling great.

Day 47 – Wednesday 16 February

Feeling much better today. Hubby and Bee decided on a day out to Birmingham and they went to Sea Life, then to Bull Ring shopping centre….and finally to one of the restaurants we often go to when we go Birmingham. They brought me back some food as they know I am missing our random trips to eat out.

Day 48 – Thursday 17 February

Hubby usually has Thursday’s off so he can take Bee to karate, but he had taken Tuesday and Wednesday off so he went to work today. So I had to take her. Took the opportunity to go to the garden centre nearby as needed some new pots for some houseplants that had outgrown the ones they were in. Been a while since I have been to a garden centre and baby was curious about her surroundings. Was tempted to get some more houseplants but I know I am going to struggle putting the ones I have out the way when she starts crawling.

Day 49 – Friday 18 February

Baby has been a bit grumpy again last few days…think teething is bothering her again. Handed her a slice of cucumber to chomp on which kept her quiet for a while. With the winds being quite strong I decided not to drive to take Bee to karate. Just chilled at home. Usually my nephew takes her karate on Friday’s but he has changed job and no longer has Friday’s off. So I am back to doing it.

Day 50 – Saturday 19 February

Bee went karate in the morning then off to her grandparents in the afternoon. Myself and the eldest just chilled and watched TV. No pictures today.

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