2022 – Week 8 of Project 365

Day 51 – Sunday 20 February

Woke up to a message at 2am that my maternal uncle had passed away in Pakistan. He was my mums last remaining sibling so she now feels left alone. Headed to her house and spent the day there. Bee also had her eye test and it appears her eye has gotten slightly worse so she needs new glasses. Recently got an animal shaped pancake pan and in the evening decided to make pancakes for baby. They didn’t turn out great but the taste was good. The older two put nutella on theirs.

Day 52 – Monday 21 February

Hubby treated me to breakfast in the morning before he went to work. I had booked a baby group for the afternoon which we could walk to, but as there were strong winds forecast I decided to cancel it.

Day 53 – Tuesday 22 February

A quiet day today. Hubby brought home these. I quite like them.

Day 54 – Wednesday 23 February

Beginning to find it really hard to keep her entertained during the day when she’s awake. She has become very ‘shouty’ and just wants to spend the day exploring.

Day 55 – Thursday 24 February

No picture today as forgot to take any. It was the eldest’s parents evening today and it was actually face to face. I must admit I preferred the online ones – you were given 10 mins and at the end of 10 mins the meeting was automatically ended – so no chance of a parent going over their time. Thats what happened today…one teacher was running late and I then didn’t get to speak to her as I refused to wait while holding the baby and then being late for the other teachers. All the teachers I did speak to were really pleased with her and she got great marks in her recent mocks. There is the possibility of a number of grade 9’s if she continues working hard.

Day 56 – Friday 25 February

Baby group in the morning and then had to take Bee to karate in the evening. My nephew used to take Bee on Friday’s since I found out I was pregnant and had the bleeds, but his working hours have changed. I may cancel her Friday classes. I don’t want to but baby is generally grumpy in the evening and hard to keep her occupied for an hour when I am tired too by then. Will see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Day 57 – Saturday 26 February

Hubby took my car for an MOT in the morning which it passed. Collected Bee from karate and then just chilled at home. I had ordered myself a clip on lamp which arrived today. I can’t read in bed as have to keep the lights dimmed for baby who is still in with us, and this is perfect as just clip it on to the cot next to me.

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