2022 – Week 9 of Project 365

A pretty uneventful week to be honest.

Day 58 – Sunday 27 February

Spent the morning at mums house. Now that baby doesn’t scream in the car it makes it easier to visit them. Then came home in the afternoon and get ready for school tomorrow. Minu (baby will be referred to as Minu now), just loves putting everything in her mouth.

Day 59 – Monday 28 February

Hubby got me some galaxy chocolate which he knows is my favourite. First time I have tried the Raspberry one. It was quite nice.

Day 60 – Tuesday 1 March

Had an online meeting this morning. Signed up to a 6 week course/group which is ‘Connecting Muslim Mums’ organised by the local Mind and they wanted to have a chat to fill in some paperwork before it starts next week. Thought it would be nice to sign up and get out of the house for a couple of hours too. In the evening Bee had her Urdu class. She has been doing them for a while now and enjoys them.

Day 61 – Wednesday 2 March

A pretty uneventful day. Spent it at home with Minu as usual. A good way to distract her these days is to hand her something to munch on. Tried her with a baby rusk.

Day 62 – Thursday 3 March

We don’t really get many visitors to our house so I pulled up the rug in the living room (it needed changing anyway) and put down an alphabet foam play mat for Minu. I had done the same for Bee when she was this age. So basically the living room has kind of become the play room. Then myself and the eldest went to the Beavers in the evening. The eldest helps out now and then as an Explorer and I had to check the documents of a new volunteer for the DBS check.

Day 63 – Friday 4 March

Baby group this morning. It was dress up and ‘making’ pancakes.

Day 64 – Saturday 5 March

Bee’s karate was cancelled yesterday and today due to belt testing happening. She went with her dad first thing in the morning to collect her glasses. I must admit I am not keen on them as they are very chunky looking and I don’t think they suit her. Personally I would never have let her pick them! Then my bro turned up and took her over to the parents house so myself and eldest watched a film. When Bee got home we tried out some Yo-Yo’s we were sent to review.

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