2022 – Week 10 of Project 365

Another week mainly just daily routines, but managed to go out shopping with Minu for the first time,

Day 65 – Sunday 6 March

Usual chilled out Sunday at home. Did consider going for a walk but was feeling tired after a rough night. Made Minu some sweet potato fries as she loved the puree I made, so thought I would try it as a finger food.

Day 66 – Monday 7 March

My dates arrived today, ready for Ramadan……..although I think a box might get eaten before Ramadan starts and one box is for my parents.

Day 67 – Tuesday 8 March

Attended a Connecting Muslim Mums programme in the morning with Minu. Thankfully she didn’t get too stressed and played and had a nap. Was nice to get out and chat to mums. A magazine arrived which we were sent to review, put together a quick instagram reel for now before we post more about it.

Day 68 – Wednesday 9 March

No picture today…just at home. Cooked a curry and chilled with Minu until it was time to do the school run.

Day 69 – Thursday 10 March

Hubby asked if I wanted to go to a shopping outlet about 25 mins away and decided to give it a go. I was nervous about Minu getting stressed in the car, but she was happy with her videos and chatting to her dad who was in the back. It was the first time she’s been in her pushchair too and she was content in it. Only cried slightly when she got a bit hungry. She was curious about the ducks who came out of the water to stare….think they were after some food.

Day 70 – Friday 11 March

Not much happening today. Baby group in the morning as usual. She gets so excited by the bubble machine. I am sure we have one in the shed, need to dig it out.

Day 71 – Saturday 12 March

Karate for Bee in the morning and I started trying to declutter as once Ramadan arrives in a few weeks I won’t have the energy to do much. Bee got star of the class.

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