2022 – Week 11 of Project 365

A good week. The sun was shining by the end of the week which really did lift everyones spirits.

Day 72 – Sunday 13 March

The morning was spent at the dojo as Bee had an interclub. Minu was well behaved, had a nap and then watched her sister fight. Bee came third.

Day 73 – Monday 14 March

I have been wanting to eat out at a local restaurant that just recently started dine in as before it was just takeaway. Hubby rang to say he would come home early from work and we could go today. I honestly didn’t feel like it as I was tired and grumpy and Minu had been pretty grumpy today too. And it was a disaster to be honest. Initially she was a bit grumpy but managed to keep her occupied….by the time our food arrived she was even more grumpier and then the hysterical crying started which she hasn’t done for a while. I didn’t even finish everything on my plate and just said lets go. Thankfully there was only one other diner there otherwise I think I would have been totally mortified with her crying.

Day 74 – Tuesday 15 March

Went to our Connecting Muslim Mums programme today and we got to try baby yoga. Minu seemed to really enjoy it. I have also recently had a bit of a breakthrough with her day time naps…before she always wanted to contact nap but I can now put her down and she will stay sleeping. (Not always but better than nothing.) Think the yoga tired her out as she had along nap afterwards…and I got to rest my arms from holding her!

Day 75 – Wednesday 16 March

A quiet day. Hubby had brought home a couple of bars of these. They were quite nice but left a bit of an after taste.

Day 76 – Thursday 17 March

Took Minu for her first baby swim lesson and she really seemed to enjoy it. She did start getting a bit grumpy towards the end and she got a bit hysterical when getting changed afterwards. I found the changing after awkward as due to covid they have a one way system and you can’t go back to your cubicle…and end up changing in a communal area. I wasn’t expecting that and if I had known I would not have booked for 10 weeks. I am not comfortable changing in front of others at all.

Day 77 – Friday 18 March

Baby group in the morning and then just chilling until it was time to pick up the girls, and then took Bee to karate in the evening. The sun was out and spotted quite a few ladybirds in the garden.

Day 78 – Saturday 19 March

A sunny day. I got out the baby swing seat from the shed and replaced the other seat. It was the first time Minu has sat in the swing and she wasn’t sure at first but then loved it. Cut the grass and started to tidy up the garden. I didn’t get to do much last year due to being pregnant and having to rest so it is a complete mess. Then got a reel done on instagram for Pom Pops which we were sent to review.

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