Our 5 Favourite Sensory Toys for Baby

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With my older two girls I did play with them as babies but had never realised the importance of sensory toys and sensory play. Sensory plays supports the baby’s development is different ways such as cognitive growth, social interaction and fine and gross motor skills.

Foil Blanket

When I first heard about using a foil blanket I was sceptical but it can bring so much entertainment! Simply lying the baby on the foil and the noise it makes will amuse them. They soon learn that moving makes noise which helps with body awareness. What we loved to do as Minu got more alert was make a den and then place lights in it. The lights reflecting on the foil amazes them. Minu also loved holding the foil and crinkling it up which is great for her sense of touch.

Light up Balls/toys

In my opinion you can never have too many light up toys! We had some light up toys from when we went to the pantomime and the fair and these have been a life saver when keeping baby entertained. The light up balls are great too as the baby can hold them. These are great for baby’s as they help explore their senses.

Bubble Machine

When Minu was younger we did do a few bubbles with her but I hadn’t realised how much she actually loved bubbles until we went to a local baby group and they got out the bubble machine! Her screams of delight made everyone smile. Playing with bubbles as sensory play is great for a baby’s development. Watching the bubbles can help with focus and strengthening eye muscles. Bubble play can also help with gross motor skills when they reach out to try to tough the bubbles. And most importantly they can be fun for the whole family!


Instruments are great to keep a baby entertained and again are great to help develop their creativity and also their fine motor skills. We love our ‘rainmaker’ as it’s not just making noise but all great for visual skills as she watches the balls fall down. We also started attending a Music Bugs group which she absolutely loves attending and listening to the songs and instruments.


Colourful scarves are ideal for baby sensory. Scarves are bright and colourful, helping with their vision and also stimulate the sense of touch. And they are great fun when used for ‘peek a boo!’

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