2022 – Weeks 28 and 29 of Project 365

Day 191 – Sunday 10 July

Eid ul Adha celebrations today. Didn’t do much as it was hot. I always end up having to go to my mums house in the morning to help her cook…..and then their house is much warmer than mine so once the cooking was done and everyone had eaten we just came home. Hubby took Bee to soft play as she wanted to go but Minu needed a nap so the rest of us stayed home in front of the fans. I would just like to have one Eid where we don’t have to think about cooking and just go out with my kids and actually have fun….as Eid is getting boring for them now. Most of the food my mum makes the kids don’t eat anyway!

Day 192 – Monday 11 July

Made some chickpea and sweetcorn fritters for Minu which she loved.

Day 193 – Tuesday 12 July

A warm day but the baby group we go to has air corn so took Minu. It was a teddy bears picnic theme today.

Day 194 – Wednesday 13 July

We are 2 weeks late but tried to take her 11 month photo today. Was a bit hard! Managed to get a few decent ones eventually.

Day 195 – Thursday 14 July

Hubby had to go to Cambridge to pick up something and suggested we go with him. I am nervous about taking Minu on longer journeys but we ended up going and she did ok. We had some ice cream, did a bit of shopping and had some lunch. We didn’t have time to go on the wheel but to be honest I thought Minu may freak out so wouldn’t have attempted it anyway.

Day 196 – Friday 15 July

Bee’s sports day. I had warned her that we may not come if its too hot, as I can’t deal with Minu in the heat. But thankfully there were cloudy spells so we went. Took Minu’s trike and she was happy enough in it for the first hour.

Day 197 – Saturday 16 July

A hot day and Minu was grumpy. Found our water squirter snake and let her play with that for a bit.

Day 198 – Sunday 17 July

There was a fun day happening that a local charity was holding and our Scouts group had a stall. AS group scout leader I wanted to be there but with a heat wave in place I wasn’t sure I would make it. Thankfully there was a slight breeze and we went for a bit. Bee got henna done and eldest got some clothes.. but we left at 3pm as it was just getting to warm and Minu needed a nap. She came home and slept for nearly 3 hours. The eldest stayed as she was helping on the stall as an Explorer and one of the leaders dropped her home.

Day 199 – Monday 18 July

A hot day hitting 39. I said to Bee she can stay at home as her school doesn’t even have a fan for her class. But she wanted to go. I had frozen some water for her and gave her my handheld fan and off she went. I shut all the curtains and windows to keep the house cool for as long as we could and it seemed to work. Thankfully our living room doesn’t get much sun except for first thing in the morning so stays relatively cool. Minu was struggling a bit by the end of the day but she did OK.

Day 200 – Tuesday 19 July

Another hot day (the hottest so far) and Bee still wanted to go to school as apparently they were holding a teddy’s bear picnic. I did say to her it was doubtful it was going to go ahead and I was right. But she did ok at school. The fan I gave her helped. Minu did struggle a bit today and was quite grumpy at times. Went into the garden in the evening as there was a slight breeze. No photos today….didn’t do much except sit in front of the fan.

Day 201 – Wednesday 20 July

Not much happening today either. Just glad it has cooled down significantly but still quite warm. Minu hasn’t slept well last few days so she was a bit tired.

Day 202 – Thursday 21 July

As Minu’s birth certificate finally arrived yesterday from the passport office (2 months after sending it), I finally got to the bank today to open a Children’s Saving Account for her. But apparently they don’t open accounts now in branch and you have to video call. They set that up for me in the app and I got home and had to video call. Took 3 attempts before I got through as I kept getting cut off before I got to the top of the queue. While out, hubby treated us to lunch.

Day 203 – Friday 22 July

First day of the summer holidays and kicked it off with a dentist appointment for us all. Dentist took some xrays and cleaned my teeth as my maternity exemption ends soon – she said she might as well do it now. Then got Minu registered and she’s booked in for her first appointment with the rest of us in 6 months. Hubby later came home with dessert….we thought he had gone to work but he had been trying to get some parts for his car.

Day 204 – Saturday 23 July

While Bee was at karate myself and the eldest with Minu popped to Next to collect some clothes I had ordered for Minu in the sales. I always get the next size up in the sales. Managed to get quite a few decent things this time. Then headed to Dobbies as I wanted to get some plants for my hanging basket. Picked up Bee, got some slushies as it was quite warm and then chilled in the afternoon.

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