Week 44 of Project 365

Day 303 – Sunday 30 October

A quiet day at home. Bee had gone to Northants for a karate comp after a friend offered to take her with them. Hubby couldn’t take her after taking yesterday off to take the Scouts to London so was grateful to my friend. She came third in her comp.

Day 304 – Monday 31 October

Eldest had a doctors appointment after school and as we had some time to kill we got Minu some proper shoes as she was still in pre-walkers. Got her some cute boots. Had to cough up £40 for them! And also decided to treat ourselves to some hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat – it was really good.

Day 305 – Tuesday 1 November

Back to one of our toddler groups today. We have changed to the ‘older’ kids class so it is different. But still a lot of fun. It is also 1 hour earlier which suits us better as we get home for lunch rather than her being tired and falling asleep in the car so it ends up a late lunch.

Day 306 – Wednesday 2 November

Another toddler group today. We have changed from Thursday sessions to Wednesday as hubby has Thursdays off work. We both love this group. Then straight after group we headed to the other end of the city to a Muslim Mums meet up. It did mean Minu missed her nap but thankfully she wasn’t grumpy.

Day 307 – Thursday 3 November

Went to the shops with hubby in the morning…..wanted to find a cheap rug for the living room and get rid of the foam alphabet mats I had put down for Minu. Didn’t want to to go expensive as Minu still makes a bit of a mess…so just got a cheap thin one for now. Then in the evening had to head to scouts to speak to a few people about volunteering for our group. The Beavers were doing some Community Impact projects.

Day 308 – Friday 4 November

A quiet day. Woke up feeling tired and didn’t have the energy to take Minu to group. So just chilled at home. Managed to do a quick review on instagram for a book we had been sent.

Day 309 – Saturday 5 November

While Bee was at karate I decided to try to reorganise the living room. Got rid of a big box of toys that Minu rarely played with and put it in the conservatory..so it is still available if she wants to play with anything. Then brought some of my plants back in….as the conservatory is starting to get cold it is not ideal to leave them in there. Minu touched them but soon lost interest so I think they can stay. Then in the evening before the shops shut headed to town as the eldest needs a new school bag…but she couldn’t find one she liked.

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