Weeks 45 to 46 of Project 365

Day 310 – Sunday 6 November

Spent most of the afternoon at Bee’s dojo as she had an interclub. I was worried about taking Minu but she had fun. While the kids we warming up before the comp she was running around on the spare mats and then for a while before the comp actually started the younger girls were following her around and looking after her! Bee came second in one of her comps and then she managed to win the trophy for the overall grand champion! I wasn’t going to enter her in that comp as she hasn’t been doing well in her competitions recently but she smashed it and won a huge trophy!

Day 311 – Monday 7 November

A new breakfast place had opened so I sent hubby to get some food to try out. But he said they were extremely slow so went to to the other cafe. There are some mushrooms, sausages and a tomato also included..but prices have gone up and thinking its just better to make this all at home.

Day 312 – Tuesday 8 November

Our usual toddler group today. It was all about teddies and bonfires today.

Day 313 – Wednesday 9 November

Our other favourite toddler group today. She didn’t want to leave the guinea pigs today…..had to drag her in to play with the other things.

Day 314 – Thursday 10 November

Hubby had brought these home from work and tried them today. They were pretty good.

Day 315 – Friday 11 November

We had been sent some Care Bears Cuteitoes to review….finally got a post up about them on instagram. Had a rough night with Minu and it looks like she’s coming down with a cold

Day 316 – Saturday 12 November

Minu not feeling great today…a bit chesty and off her food. So didn’t do much. I had picked up these plant based Popcorn Chick’n earlier in the week and tried them today. They weren’t too bad….but probably not something I would buy again.

Day 317 – Sunday 13 November

Bee had a comp today but Minu wasn’t well and my throat was beginning to hurt. The original plan had been her dad would take her first thing and then we would go a bit later so he could go to work. I knew he would get annoyed if I asked him to stay the whole time so Bee missed out on her comp. Got a takeaway later to cheer us all up.

Day 318 – Monday 14 November

Minu still not well…not eating much and off her food. Also napping a lot. Think it’s also teething related as she has been drooling a lot too. My throat also hurt. No pictures. Bee was coughing a bit too.

Day 319 – Tuesday 15 November

No pictures again. Both us not feeling great, missed out on our toddler group. I am actually considering not booking for next term. Minu keeps picking up colds…seems like every other week and it’s a lot of money to pay and then miss half the sessions!

Day 320 – Wednesday 16 November

Minu had perked up a bit today but my throat was really bad so avoided going to our group today too. However some Bukhoor arrived today which I had ordered – I love the smell of some of these.

Day 321 – Thursday 17 November

Mnu feeling much better and seems to be getting her appetite back…still slightly chesty though. My throat was still sore. Just chilled at home and the Children in Need Pyjama set I had ordered for arrived.

Day 322 – Friday 18 November

Both of us feeling much better although eldest has been feeling a bit bad the last few days..she still managed to go to school though. Minu was happy playing with her things. Later got a call from mum that their washing machine had died. Took them to Curry’s in the evening, saw a machine and then came home to order it as they only had one salesperson in that area and he was busy for ages.

Day 323 – Saturday 19 November

No pictures today. Bee at karate in the morning and then just general chilling and tidying up.

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