Week 48 of Project 365

Day 331 – Sunday 27 November

A quiet Sunday at home. Minu has finally learnt how to rock herself on her rocking dragon and seems to enjoy it.

Day 332 – Monday 28 November

A quiet Monday. Didn’t feel like going anywhere. Been feeling a bit low recently. Made Minu some egg and vegetables for lunch. Really struggle with lunch ideas for her at times as I am not the best cook really. She has got the taste for spicy food now and pretty much hates anything bland.

Day 333 – Tuesday 29 November

Toddler group in the morning with a Christmas theme. Here she is mixing a Christmas pudding.

Day 334 – Wednesday 30 November

Second toddler group of the week. Didn’t do much else.

Day 335 – Thursday 1 December

Decided to try out Karak Chaii which had opened recently. Took the risk of taking Minu with us but she was pretty well behaved. She was hungry so was happy to sit and eat the omelette with us. Was nice to have breakfast with her and hubby. Then in the evening headed into town as it was late night shopping…needed to get some tights for Minu.

Day 336 – Friday 2 December

Was planning to take Minu to toddler group in the morning but she got up late. So just chilled at home – was a quiet day and evening. Minu got some lights out of her sisters room and we used it at bedtime. Bee came home from karate happy as she was made Star of the Month and got a special belt to wear during the month.

Day 337 – Saturday 3 December

Saw a recipe on instagram but it was an incomplete recipe as didn’t give the gas mark…but I wanted to give it a try as it had Terry’s Chocolate Orange in it. I guessed the gas mark after they didn’t reply when I asked…..and I am assuming it was wrong as it took longer than the 35 minutes suggested. It ended up getting really burnt on the top and a bit on the sides…but the non burnt bits tasted really good.

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