Week 49 of Project 365

Day 338 – Sunday 4 December

A quiet Sunday as usual. Hubby had brought home some chocolate orange popcorn as he knows I am am fan of chocolate orange. Was quite nice.

Day 339 – Monday 5 December

Headed into town straight after school as eldest had seen some boots on sale online at Deichman and wanted to get them. I could have ordered them online but I wanted her to try them before she got them. She liked them and so we got them. Minu now heads straight for the rides by the car park and wants a go!

Day 340 – Tuesday 6 December

Toddler group in the morning. A definite chill in the air today….temperatures have dropped. Perfect time for a hot chocolate after school.

Day 341 – Wednesday 7 December

Toddler group today. There was some fake snow to play with which she loved. Spent most of her time playing with just that.

Day 342 – Thursday 8 December

Hubby’s day off today and popped to a local Islamic shop to get my mum some perfumes as it’s her birthday tomorrow. Then headed into town to have some lunch. There was a continental market happening so checked out the stalls…have to say most of the stuff was expensive. Didn’t see all the stalls as it was cold and Minu was refusing to put her hat and gloves on. She had fun chasing the pigeons though.

Day 343 – Friday 9 December

Mums birthday today so popped over for about half an hour after school to give her her present. Couldn’t stay as Bee had karate to get too. I didn’t think I had taken any pictures but when I went through my phone it appears Minu had managed to get my phone and take a few really weird pictures. It looks like she was attempting selfies!

Day 344 – Saturday 10 December

Bee is usually at karate on a Saturday but I was trying to organise a group meet up with mums from a support group on FB. We picked Saturday as that was the only day one of the admins could make it but then she couldn’t make it and only one other mum turned up. But that mum was a friend so we had a nice catch up and it was the first time our girls met up and got on really well. On the way home popped to Sports Direct as Bee had holes in her trainers so had to get a new pair for PE. Then an afternoon/evening catching up on all the episodes of Traitors.

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