Project 365 – Week 18 of 2023

Had a few nice days this week so have been working on the garden and trying to tidy it up….leaving me so tired.

Week 18 – 30 April to 6 May 2023

Day 120 – Sunday

Popped to a local garden centre as wanted to get some compost to plant my tomato plants in but it was packed and no trolleys available. Just had a wander around and ended up getting a hanging basket for the front of the house and couldn’t resist this plant either.

Day 121 – Monday

Bank holiday today but didn’t have anything planned. We never do as the husband is always at work. Stayed at home – no pics.

Day 122 – Tuesday

Tried a bigger garden centre now that the bank holiday is over. Bee was at school but eldest was at home due to the strikes. We ordered a takeaway for lunch and then I repotted my tomato plants to bigger pots outside and started tidying up the garden. The lawn needed edging and that left me so tired even after just doing a little bit. My clematis has started flowering….one of my favourites.

Day 123 – Wednesday

Toddler group today and a friend also came with my girls on a trial. They enjoyed it and would be nice if they signed up. I found a small prayer mat and gave it to Minu. She immediately lay down on it!

Day 124 – Thursday

Minu’s toddler bed arrived first thing so dismantled the cot and put up the toddler bed. There was no point in keeping the cot as she was sleeping on my bed and the cot was being used to dump the clean laundry! I wasn’t sure if she would sleep in it but she straightaway had her nap in it and then at night went straight to sleep in it. It helps that the bed is right next to mine. Also carried on with tidying up the garden and a random cat joined us….s/he even tried to go inside!

Day 125 – Friday

Rain today so couldn’t carry on with the gardening. Another quiet day at home. Noticed my first peony of the year beginning to flower.

Day 126 – Saturday

A quiet day at home watching the Coronation. Our scouts group had been invited to a parade in town and my original plan had been to attend with them. But my shoulders were aching from the gardening and I knew that for 3 hours I would end up carrying/chasing Minu as she doesn’t like her pushchair so ended up staying home. But then regretted it.

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