Project 365 – Weeks 20-21 of 2023

First week was a quiet one and then mum ended up in hospital

Weeks 20-21 – 14 May to 27 May 2023

Day 134 – Sunday

A usual quiet Sunday. Popped to the parents house as mum still isn’t fully herself and spotted a blue butterfly in her garden.

Day 135 – Monday

Today was another quiet one at home for me and Minu. She actually let me make a couple of pony tails in her hair which lasted until her nap time.

Day 136 – Tuesday

Popped to the parents house to check on mum and noticed how big the leaves on their peace lily plant was! Mine are nowhere near that big!

Day 137 – Wednesday

Had our Scouts Trustee board meeting at a local cafe and the eldest asked me to bring home some doughnuts as we keep meaning to try them from there. I ordered the fully loaded ones and found them a bit too much. Girls thought they were ok.

Day 138 – Thursday

Popped into town with hubby and Minu to get her some sandals now that the weather seems to be improving. Minu for some reason got upset about getting her feet measured when before she never minded!

Day 139 – Friday

A quiet Friday. Myself and Minu just chilled at home. No pictures.

Day 140 – Saturday

I had purchased the National Trust membership again and the pack arrived. Hoping to revisit all the places we have previously visited but now with Minu.

Day 141 – Sunday

Was woken up early by dad who told me they had had to call an ambulance for mum around 3am and he was headed there with my nephew. Hubby headed off to A&E later to check in on them and bring dad home when my brother arrived to stay with them. Ordered a takeaway as couldn’t face cooking, tried chicken nachos from Pepes.

Day 142 – Monday

Asked hubby to take today off work so I could go see mum without having to take Minu. She had been moved overnight to the short stay unit, but when we got there at visiting hours we found she had been moved to the cardiac unit. Got there and found her ‘boarding’ in the corridor behind a screen. She had been there for hours and said she only got the privacy screen when she got upset about everyone staring as they walked past. A number of the nurses came up to us and reassured us that she would be in a room soon, a patient was leaving and then they had to clean it. I think they were worried about us kicking up but I know it isn’t there fault. I asked a nurse if I would be allowed to bring Minu and they were fine with it.

Day 143 – Tuesday

I wasn’t sure whether to take Minu to her toddler group today but it was the last one of term and I wanted to keep things as normal for her as possible so we went. She had fun as it was fairy and garden themed today. Spoke to a nurse today to find out whats happening with mum and she said that mum has mild heart failure and they also need to do an iron transfusion but can’t until her blood pressure comes down…and there is also some concern about her kidneys so they need to monitor that too. The heart failure nurse also came round and explained that mums heart chambers aren’t too bad but there is pressure on them….they are hoping that when the blood pressure comes down it should help ease some of her symptoms. Got Minu a kids magazine which had some toys to keep her quiet when visiting mum, and almost fainted at the price….I remember when they were just a few pounds!

Day 144 – Wednesday

A busy day today as had our first scouts AGM in the evening. I hadn’t really wanted to go but as group leader I had to, thankfully my brother could come for the 6-8 visit so I didn’t have to miss the AGM. I would not have left mum alone. The AGM went well but I hate standing in front and speaking. I started off ok but my the end of it I was all sweaty and just wanted it all to be over!

The cat does make me laugh though. I put Minu’s tent in the conservatory overnight and the cat hides in it….then when I walk past she tries to grab my leg!

Day 145 – Thursday

Usual day of hospital visits. Mums plants are flowering really well in her garden and she is missing them. So took a picture for her. There had been talk of sending her home today but they still need to do the iron infusion and as her kidneys aren’t working as well they need to give her more meds and have to keep her to make sure she does ok on them.

Day 146 – Friday

Popped to dads before he left for Friday prayers and made him something to eat. I was so tired by the end of the day as did both the 2-4 and 6-8 visits again. One of the nurses said they can’t send mum home yet until they know she is safe to come home. They are talking about moving her bed downstairs and having to use a commode until something is done about a downstairs toilet. Took a picture of the parents budgies, Minu likes them.

Day 147 – Saturday

Today my nephew was off work so I didn’t go to the hospital…was so tired and just wanted to spend a day at home and let Minu play. Her whole routine is messed up and I am finding it hard as she is not getting her proper nap which means I don’t get a break. I often have to carry her when at the hospital as she doesn’t want to walk as its a long walk and my back and shoulders are aching. I am just glad though that she is generally well behaved when there and that the other patients don’t mind her – they seem to look forward to seeing her as she also waves bye to them when leaving.

Popped over to the parents house for a short while and made dad something to eat but then the rest of the day was at home with Minu playing in the garden. I had purchased a cantilever parasol so she can now get some shade in the garden – but its a pain moving it around when the sun moves!

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