Project 365 – Week 22 of 2023

More hospital visits this week, but mum finally came home Wednesday night.

Week 22 – 28 May to 3 June 2023

Day 148 – Sunday

Minu has gotten used to going to the hospital to visit mum as we often go twice a day. She knows the way and presses the buttons on the lifts, and also takes a bag of toys with her! She is fully prepared. I am so glad though that she doesn’t wreak havoc there and the other patients in the ward also seem to look forward to seeing her. Spoke to a nurse who wanted to know what the concerns were about mum coming home. She is a bit weak and concerned about the stairs..but as she slowly managed 4 steps with the physio they think she will be fine with the stairs. They wanted to discharge her and she comes back as an outpatient for her iron infusion which they still haven’t given her. But I made it clear she needs to only leave once she has had the iron infusion as I can’t bring her back while also dealing with a toddler. So they decided to keep her in and do the infusion on Tuesday. She had also vomited in the morning so that also prompted them to keep her in longer.

Day 149 – Monday

Headed into town before todays hospital visits as Bee needed to get some sandals now the weather seems to be getting better. Minu of course wanted a ride on the paw patrol ride. Got to the hospital and got told by a nurse that mum had a fall in the bathroom around 2am. Their policy is usually to call us and tell us but as it was 2am they chose not to as she was ok – it was a minor fall with just a slight knock to the knee. Hopefully the iron infusion will help bring her strength up.

Day 150 – Tuesday

My brother had the day off work today so I asked him to come early and spend the day with dad and do both hospital visits so that I could take the girls out for a while. It is not fair of them having to constantly go to the hospital during half term and do nothing else. Took them to a local farm which was about 40 minutes away and they all enjoyed it. They even had crocodiles.

Told bro not to bring mum home if they try to send her home without the iron infusion but he texted me and told me they were preparing to do it.

Day 151 – Wednesday

The doctors decided mum can go home today. They have stabilised her and nothing further they can do now. She has mild heart failure so we have to keep an eye on her symptoms incase she gets worse. Waited all day for her meds to be arranged and she finally got them at 7.30pm.

Have also been getting quotes for stair lifts as it will make life easier for both parents and we are looking at 5k minimum! No picture today.

Day 152 – Thursday

Headed to mums first thing to check on them. Hubby cooked some meatballs and we all ate at mums. Came home in the afternoon as Bee needed to go karate. Minnie the cat has been left alone so much the past 10 days but she doesn’t seem bothered….just sleeps a lot during the day!

Day 153 – Friday

Headed to parents at lunch time to make dad a roti as mum can’t manage it just yet, then came home soon after. As it was sunny, let Minu do some messy play with some shaving foam as she was due a bath anyway. Spotted this bumble bee walking around on the grass and moved it onto a flower.

Day 154 – Saturday

Eldest’s 17th Birthday today! Time is flying. She can now officially learn how to drive. Spent almost all day at the parents.

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