Project 365 – Weeks 37 and 38 of 2023

Weeks 37 and 38 – 10 September to 23 September 2023

Day 253 – Sunday

A quiet Sunday with not much happening. Captured a sunset over the rooftops.

Day 254 – Monday

A quiet day. I had a scouts meeting in the evening (trustee board) and had asked the husband to come home early to watch the kids so I could attend. He came home with cake! But then the meeting got cancelled as a few members pulled out and it wasn’t worth holding it. He was a bit miffed that he came home for nothing.

Day 255 – Tuesday

Lunch club today but Minu was tired for some reason and was asking for a nap at 11….and she had only got up at 8. Went to the club but left after an hour as she wasn’t herself and a bit grumpy. She just wanted a nap!

Day 256 – Wednesday

Nothing special today. Just our usual toddler group. Love the guinea pigs.

Day 257 – Thursday

Took mum to her follow up appointment with the cardiologist. Her blood pressure is still really high but her heart has stopped beating as fast as it was but its still not normal. So the cardiologist decided to increase the meds and he is confident that it will help the heart and the blood pressure. Then headed to to the Beavers meeting to help out. Minu got stuck in and was colouring too.

Day 258 – Friday

Bee’s 11th birthday. I didn’t think her dad would take the day off as Friday evenings are busy but he did and we decided to drive to Leicester after school for a meal to one of our favourite restaurants, Pamson Grill. Tried out the mocktails this time and they were pretty good. Minu was insisting it was her birthday too and got a bit grumpy when I was taking pictures of her sister with her balloons!

Day 259 – Saturday

Was craving some chip shop chips so got some after collecting Bee from karate. Then a chilled afternoon at home.

Day 260 – Sunday

The weather wasn’t looking too bad so decided to drive to a local Exotic Pet Refuge who were holding an open day. They only open 3-4 times a year. We only spent a couple of hours there but was nice to get out and see some of the animals they have rescued. On the way back stopped off to get some Bubble Tea as I had promised Bee I would get her some on her birthday so she was constantly reminding me.

Day 261 – Monday

A quiet day at home and Minu was randomly telling me she needed a wee. I haven’t fully started potty training but over the summer holidays she did use her potty once but then refused to use it. So I got a novelty toilet seat which I decided to try and get her to use today. She used it twice, was pleased with herself but then decided it was too much work. I am guessing she won’t be potty trained anytime soon! The older girls were closer to 3 when they were trained so I am not too worried about it yet. Then had our scouts meeting, which was cancelled last week, in the evening on zoom

Day 262 – Tuesday

Headed to the Muslim Mums meet up. Didn’t go over the summer holidays so was nice to see the regulars and have a catch up. Minu decided to pretend she was ironing.

Day 263 – Wednesday

Toddler group and then headed into town after school to get Bee a coat as she doesn’t have one. Got Minu a cardigan and hat and gloves too ready for the colder weather. Then realised its meant to get a bit nicer next week. Well at least we are prepared now for when the weather turns.

Day 264 – Thursday

A quiet day at home. Played with sand and Minu continued to try to make friends with the cat. The cat seems to be tolerating her a bit more.

Day 265 – Friday

Toddler group in the morning and then went to collect a parcel from Next after I dropped Bee off at karate. There was a man there at the same time with my surname and he ended up leaving with my parcel, along with his own. The lady said it’s been a manic day and she’s on her own and made a mistake..and suggested that the guy will come back with the parcel. I wasn’t convinced and told her I want a note to be made that I didn’t collect it and don’t want to be charged for it. She said she can ring the directory but it will take time and she is on her own. Suggested I return tomorrow. As Bee has karate tomorrow too I agreed, but I was so annoyed as it was a coat for Minu and a couple of dresses for the girls.

Day 266 – Saturday

Phoned up Next as didn’t want to go again today knowing the sales had started. They refunded me the money and then even added an extra £10 when I mentioned I had really wanted that coat. He did look first to see if he could order it for me but as it was a sale item it was out of stock so the £10 was offered to put towards a new one. Collected Bee from karate and then headed to the parents house as my brother was visiting with his dog because the older girls had asked to see the dog. It’s been a while since they have seen him and Minu loved him.

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