Project 365 – Week 48 of 2023

Week 48 – 26 November to 2 December 2023

Usual week with my car deciding it was too cold to start too!

Day 331 – Sunday

It was the final interclub competition of the year for Bee today but sadly she wasn’t feeling up to it with headaches and sore throat so she missed it. Instead it was a quiet day at home. Minu tried to continue making friends with the cat.

Day 332 – Monday

I was about to start cooking when my friend messaged to ask we if wanted to go Inflatanation. No contest really so went and met them there. The kids all had fun.

Day 333 – Tuesday

Rhyme time at the library, then headed to the Muslim Mums meet up. After school we headed into town as needed to get Bee’s glasses fixed as one of her lenses kept coming out. The ice rink in town was still being built but the girls got to go on a ride.

Day 334 – Wednesday

Toddler group in the morning and it was shaving foam today. Minu had fun with it.

I usually leave the cat in the conservatory overnight as she disturbs our sleep and jumps onto the beds and us with her claw, and as it started getting colder I got her a heatpad. However with the forecast about to hit the minus’s I let her stay in the main house to see what she would do. Thankfully she seems to have calmed down since we first got her and was relatively quiet. She did jump on my bed once but I pushed her off (I don’t mind but husband does), so she went and slept at the end of Bee’s bed instead. So pleased she didn’t have crazy zoomies as I no longer have to lock her out in the conservatory and she can come in and out as she pleases.

Day 335 – Thursday

I did the cooking first thing as I knew after school I had to get Bee to karate and then myself and the eldest had to head to scouts. Usually hubby is home on a Thursday but he worked today as he is taking tomorrow off. I usually like to make pasta just before we eat it but I knew it would end up late. What I didn’t know was that my car was going to refuse to start when it was time for the school run. I tried to phone the eldest so the girls would know to walk home but she wasn’t picking up. So had to ask my dad to go get them. Was going to phone breakdown but then after speaking to husband decided to leave it until the morning when he was home. So an evening at home!

Day 336 – Friday

My nephew came over first thing to try to jump start my car but it didn’t work. So rang the breakdown lot who said they can take it to a garage if we can find one, but they think its probably the starter motor based on the noises I was describing. In less than an hour a recovery vehicle came and took my car to the garage, and they discovered it wasn’t the starter motor and just the battery. In the evening we headed to our local country park who were holding a winter festival with lights, a travelling cinema and a couple of fairground things. It was so cold though that didn’t full enjoy it! You watch our reel to see what it was all about.

Day 337 – Saturday

Back to karate for Bee and then a quiet day at home. Headed to the shops when we went to pick her up as he needed some winter boots. After that we chilled at home as it’s just too cold to go out unless it’s necessary! Was a playdough afternoon.

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