Project 365 – Weeks 49 and 50 of 2023

Weeks 49 and 50 – 3 December to 16 December 2023

Two week catch up, not a lot happening really….ready for the holidays!

Day 338 – Sunday

Woke up to a light sprinkling of snow. Not really enough to make a snowman! Did debate whether to get some pictures of Minu in the snow but to be honest there wasn’t enough to take any decent pictures. So stayed inside in the warm. It was gone in a few hours.

Day 339 – Monday

Bee came home from school with a sports leader badge. She will be helping out with sports in the lunch break.

Day 340 – Tuesday

Rhyme time in the morning and then a quiet day. Minnie wanted to join us in the living room but she is still wary of Minu. So she just sat on the stairs and watched us.

Day 341 – Wednesday

Todder group in the morning. It was a snow theme. Minu loved the fake snow.

Day 342 – Thursday

Met up with some others from our Scouts team as we will be setting up the Squirrels section in January. Started planning the programme.

Day 343 – Friday

Met up with a friend from Instagram. We have been chatting for years and she was in Peterborough over the weekend and had today free. Met at Dobbies so Minu could play in the soft play and had a lovely morning/aternoon. Minu even managed to get my friend into the soft play and down the slide with her. We then thought about meeting for dinner in the evening but my friends meeting ran over and all of a sudden Minu got a bit lethargic and her temperature hit 39. My throat was sore too.

Day 344 – Saturday

I got worse overnight and Minu vomited in her bed at 5am. After a quick clean up, it was then a day of rest for both of us. Was mums birthday and we had been planning to take cake but didn’t want to pass on anything to her.

By the end of the day Minu didn’t have a temperature and was much better. Minnie joined us on the bed in the evening as if she knew we needed looking after.

Day 345 – Sunday

Minu was much better today, but I wasn’t and just rested for most of the day. No pictures.

Day 346 – Monday

I woke up with a really heavy head and feeling dizzy at times when I stood up. So asked my husband to take today off work to let me rest as much as I can. Started feeling better by the end of the day. No pictures.

Day 347 – Tuesday

Feeling much better today but throat still pretty bad, so didn’t take Minu to rhyme time today, and rested again. My notebook that I had ordered for our Squirrels group arrived today.

Day 348 – Wednesday

Feeling better apart from a slight cough so decided to take Minu to her group today. It was party time and she had lots of fun. We don’t celebrate Christmas at all….but do like the lights and trees so couldnt resist getting a couple of pictures of Minu by the tree. Then headed to the parents as haven’t seen them for a while.

Day 349 – Thursday

Think I overdid it yesterday as felt a bit rough again. But had loads to do today so just had to get on with it. Headed into town to get a few bits and bobs and Minu of course had to have a ride. Then it was the eldest’s final parents evening of her school life…after that headed straight to scouts as had to meet someone to check documents for a DBS. While I was there the Beaver Leader asked if I wanted to award the badges to the Beavers. Was nice to be able to do that as usually I am always behind the scenes overseeing things.

Day 350 – Friday

Still feeling a bit drained so another quiet day at home. My throat just feels like it is getting worse. Minnie sometimes looks like she’s so mad at us.

Day 351 – Saturday

Bee’s end of year party for karate. I knew she was due her 5 year award so I had decided to take her. Although I really didn’t feel like it. She won an award for being a helper and her dedication award (5 year). Although she has been there for 5 years, her karate journey started a couple of years earlier. Minu had a blast at the party though and was in the centre of the dance floor joining in!

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