Project 365 – Week 51

Week 51 – 17 December to 23 December 2023

Final half week of school.

Day 352 – Sunday

It was mums birthday last weekend but both myself and Minu had been ill so we hadn’t gone round. Decided to get some cake today but all she could say was that we shouldn’t have bothered as it will be dads in a couple of weeks and could have got one then. But I knew if I got dad one and not her one she would have complained about that. Can’t win to be honest and I’m on the verge of simply not bothering anymore.

Day 353 – Monday

A quiet one at home today just chilling. Didn’t take any pictures.

Day 354 – Tuesday

Final rhyme time at the library and then I headed to a meeting to give my documents for a DBS check as a volunteer for Raham Project. It was raining and there was no parking…and I had forgotten to take umbrellas. So I messaged them to apologise but I was going home as I didn’t want to walk too far in the rain with Minu. The lady then kindly popped round to mine in the afternoon to check the documents and also gave me a hamper which they had some spare to say thank you for the help I have given to date. That was really nice of her.

Day 355 – Wednesday

Girls finished school at 12.30. Eldest headed into town with her friends to have lunch while I was going to take Bee and Minu to a local cafe. Unfortunately they had a leak so were closed. We decided to go home and order a takeaway instead. Minu was happy to have her sister home early so she could play with her. There is a toddler under all those teddies!

Day 356 – Thursday

I have been meaning to take Minu to the Riverside Hub in Northampton for a while, but it isn’t cheap when you add in travel costs and then food. But finally decided to go today, although the eldest decided to stay home as she had a driving lesson and then just wanted to chill at home. I am glad we went. It was brilliant. Then found a nice halal restaurant not too far away.

Day 357 – Friday

We weren’t planning on doing anything but then decided to head to our favourite cafe and soft play Full of Beans. Was nice to get out for a bit and treated the girls to lunch there. I also had 3 bin bags full of Minu’s clothes from 0-2 that I took and gave to the charity shop next door.

Day 358 – Saturday

A quiet day at home. Did some cleaning and cooking and got Bee to tidy her room. Spotted the pink sky at sunset and it was so pink!

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