Project 366 – 22nd January to 28th January

Week 4

Nothing special this week, usual routine and managing whilst the husband is abroad.

Monday Headed to the Walk and Talk which is held monthly. I haven’t been for a while due to sickness and it being too cold and windy, but dragged us out today even though I wasn’t feeling it. But glad we did go…the fresh air did us good and was nice to catch up with some of the ladies.

Tuesday Took Minu to the library for Rhyme Time but her friends weren’t there today and she decided she was going to colour rather than join in with the singing. After 10 minutes I decided to leave if she wasn’t going to join in – she wasn’t happy about it but I refused to sit there looking awkward while all the other kids were singing and she was the only one not doing it. In the afternoon headed to the launch of a new mumma hub for black and ethnic minority women….the lunch provided was really good. In the evening it was the launch of our new Squirrel Drey for Scouts and that went amazingly well!

Wednesday Our Wednesday group today – we didn’t go last week as she wasn’t well and she was happy to go back today. Eldest had a driving lesson today and I found myself driving behind her for a short time, was tempted to honk the horn and scare her a bit!

Thursday Had to take Minnie to the vets as they wouldn’t give me any more flea and worm treatment without her annual check up. Turns out she has gingivitus and will need xrays and her teeth cleaning. Will cost around £180 – going to see if I can claim on my insurance. Got Minnie home and then took Minu to a different toddler group at our local family centre.

Friday Our Friday toddler group and then came home and relaxed. Bee came home from school complaining of a sore throat and by bedtime she had a blocked nose too.

Saturday Bee wasn’t feeling too great so she didn’t go to karate. A new toy arrived for Minu which I had ordered off TikTok and she loved it. Played with it for 5 hours!

Sunday Got an email from our pet insurance who declined to cover Minnie’s dental treatment as apparently its not covered by my policy. So I will be down nearly £200 next month. I hadn’t realised it wouldn’t be covered and thats my fault…so I am guessing no further dental treatment will be covered if I change policies as it is now a pre-existing condition. So annoyed that I chose a policy that doesn’t cover everything! A quiet day at home, Bee feeling a bit better and I started looking at a couple of books we were sent to review.

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