Project 366 – 15th January to 21st January

Week 3

A pretty uneventful week. Minu got a slight cold.

Monday Took Minu to karate to try out the mini hero’s session. She was the only one there and I think it made her extremely shy as the spotlight was on her for the whole 30 mins. She did seem to enjoy it, and especially the bubbles at the end, but I have decided to wait until she is much older before we consider starting the karate journey with her.

Tuesday Had a rough night with Minu last night, she sounded fairly chesty. But then she was ok in the morning so decided to take her to rhyme time at the library even though I was so tired. Our friends then suggested we go to Full of Beans so ended up there. Had the chocolate as felt really cold myself.

Wednesday Another bad night tonight but this time she woke up with a slight temperature. So calpol and stayed at home even though she wanted to go to her regular Wednesday group. My squirrel register arrived ready to start our squirrels group next week. Basically it is a wooden tree with acorns, and wooden squirrels to hang on the acorns. Each child will be able to decorate a squirrel.

Thursday A better night but it doesn’t help that I have to drag her out first thing in the morning to do the school run, especially as today it was -5. Stayed at home in the warm until it was time to get the older girls again.

Friday She slept well tonight, no temperature to decided to take her to group today. It was a pet theme and we could take a soft toy from home. Then headed to the parents house until it was time to collect the older two girls. In the evening headed out for a meal with the girls and a friend. Was nice to get out, although the restaurant was really busy!

Saturday Eldest wanted to go and get some new earrings for her recent piercings so headed into town. Got a few other things too and Minu of course had to go on the rides.

Sunday Headed to the shops to get a few things, came home with more things than needed! Always happens when the kids come for food shopping! Found Minnie chilling on my head. My husband doesn’t like her on the bed but while he’s away she can get away with it! Stayed up once Minu went to sleep to complete the annual Census for Scouts.

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