Project 366 – 8th January to 14th January

Week 2

Back to the school routine and the husband went away for a month.

MONDAY The husband is flying out to Pakistan tomorrow and will return mid February. His parents hadn’t been well although much better now, but he wanted to go see them as it has been over a year. He still had some bits to buy so headed to town. Got myself a Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate, only to later discover that they are on the boycott list too! No more Hotel Chocolat drinks or chocolate for us!


Before he left, the husband took me to do a final big shop so I won’t have to rush around for a while getting bits and bobs. He flew out at 10pm and he wanted us to go with him to the airport. But with such a late flight and knowing that I was going to have to wake up Minu from tomorrow for the morning school runs I didn’t think it was a good idea. My nephew took him instead. These brownies we got were really nice.


I was dreading this morning as Minu usually wakes up around 8.30am and we had to be out of the house at 8.20 for the school run. I woke her up around 7.30 and thankfully she woke up in a good mood and the school run went without too much drama even though it was a bit cold and icy. Not used to the morning school runs as the husband always does them now. She obviously doesn’t know he’s gone and was surprised to see his car in the driveway and him not at home. Kept her busy by taking her to her group.


A quiet morning at home. Did debate whether to take Minu to a group but felt cold so stayed at home. In the evening headed to Scouts as it was the first meeting back and I had to meet with some potential volunteers. Minu always wants to play too but the Beavers don’t mind see her hang around.


We had signed up to a new toddler group during the Black Friday sales and today was our first session. Minu absolutely loved it as they had a bouncy castle too so think we will be attending this one regularly.


A busy day. Dropped Bee at karate then popped to mums for a bit. Collected Bee, had lunch and then took her to a birthday party. Then just relaxed in the evening. Forgot to take any pictures


Headed to the local garden centre as the eldest wanted to get a cactus for her friends birthday. Found some lights on sale which would be perfect for Eid so got them. Came home and decided to hoover the car as there was a load of mess in there. While I did that Minu had a go on her scooter which I got out of the car boot.

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