Our Favourite Baby and Toddler Groups in Peterborough

To keep Minu busy, we have tried out a few baby and toddler groups in Peterborough since she was born so I thought we would share their details. Please note that these are all paid for groups, and if you are looking for free groups then there are free groups held at Barnardos Children and Family Centres.

Music Bugs

One of the first ever groups we joined was Music Bugs.

Sensory, play based sessions available throughout the week and across Peterborough to cater for all children 0-5years old. The sessions involve lots of fun instrument playing, action songs, nursery rhymes, counting songs, bubbles, pom poms, finger puppets and much more!

Music Bugs are fun sessions, lots of singing with props. Minu had just started sitting when we started to attend and she loved the props that were used. She soon got comfortable and started recognising the songs. We attended for a few terms before we decided to try another group.


We’re here to support your little one’s cognitive, emotional and social development through magical and extraordinary musically-led, multi-sensory classes. Our award-winning classes are for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, providing the foundation for early learning in creative spaces, supporting confidence in readiness for school and beyond.

Based on years of developmental research, our specialised classes are expertly crafted to support the early years development of your little one at every stage.

When we first attended Hartbeeps I must admit I thought ‘what is this craziness?’ The sessions are full on with lots happening, but that’s why the kids love it. The children are encouraged to use their imagination, especially when they get to the older class. There are certain activities that happen each week and that is useful to help make the children get used to the routine each week.

Minu absolutely loved attending each week, and we only stopped as our sessions were temporarily ended while the area was sold to another owner.

Happy Faces

I used to take Bee to Happy Faces and I knew I wanted to take Minu, and I did when she was 1.

Building confidence while having fun and making friends. Playing, crafting and singing together with your little ones. Feeding the guinea pigs, parachute and bubbles. All help make Happy Faces.

Minu looks forward to going each week. We started attending just after she turned 1 and over a year later we are still attending. It is free play with lots of toys for around the first 45 minutes. Then everyone does some singing at the end, the parachute is brought out and each child gets a drink of water or squash. You can watch our reel to see how much fun Minu has.


Toddlersense is once of our most recent discoveries and we have only attended a few sessions so far.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Toddler Sense. Our classes are full of fun, excitement and adventure. Toddler Sense is designed for toddlers aged 13 months to 5 years, to promote a positive attitude towards exercise, to help keep children mentally alert, develop imagination and creativity skills, promote social and emotional development and to help toddlers develop an understanding of the world in a fun and energetic way.

So far we have attended 4 sessions and have booked on to the next term. It is free play for 25 mins and each week the items are changed, apart from the bouncy castle. After the 25 minutes, it is structured with singing and other sensory activities. As soon as we arrive, Minu is off exploring and loves it.


All of these groups are paid for termly, apart from Happy Faces which is monthly. This does mean you have to commit to the sessions and there is no refund if you miss sessions (although Happy Faces allows you to make up the session on another day if they have space).

I do feel though that all these groups are worth a try if you can commit. They are so much fun for the babies and toddlers. If you can’t commit termly to any baby and toddler groups in Peterborough, then one of our favourite places to go to is a a local cafe and soft play, Full of Beans.

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