Project 365 – Days 179 to 185

Another quiet week to be honest as it is Ramadan.

Days 179 - 185

Day 179 – Sunday 28th June

During Ramadan we have moved Munchkin’s horse riding lessons to a Sunday afternoon so I can attempt to have a bit of a lie in on Saturday mornings. Took Bee along so she could meet the horses. I was a bit concerned with her going near my favourite horse as he has a bit of a habit of shoving you in an attempt to find polos, but it was amazing how gentle he was with her…it’s almost as if he knew she was a little one and he had to be careful.

Day 180 – Monday 29th June

It has been one week now since we laid our new lawn…It is amazing how well the grass is growing!

Day 181 – Tuesday 30th June

Because we can’t walk on the grass for another 3 weeks, I can’t get the girls pool out. So cleaned the sand table and had some sand fun instead.

Day 182 – Wednesday 1st July

Hot day so spent most of it indoors! Bee watching Waybuloo on TV and copying their exercises!

Day 183 – Thursday 2nd July

Honestly didn’t do much today at all. So you have a picture of my honeysuckle. I almost pulled the whole bush out as it was looking messy. But the flowers are pretty and it smells gorgeous.

Day 184 – Friday 3rd July

Bee has gotten into the habit of insisting she has her picture taken by the flowers. Love these lilies at my parents house.

Day 185 – Saturday 4th July

The school was holding a festival to raise funds. Thought we would make an effort to go as haven’t gone before. Wish we hadn’t bothered. Was slightly boring, car boot, about 3 bouncy castles that were too hot to go on…and disorganised entertainment. So we just got some cupcakes and left.



  1. July 6, 2015 / 9:14 pm

    shame the festival at the school was not good, its nice to support these sort of activities.
    Love Bee and the horse, you never know he may well know he needs to be gentle.
    The lawn is looking good, considering the hot dry weather we have had I am surprised.

  2. Marie
    July 7, 2015 / 7:31 am

    Bee is definitely beautiful near the flowers. And what a sweet dress.
    Hope you are not burning under this crazy weather!
    Love your garden BTW. It looks fabulous Foz.
    Take care. xoxo
    Marie recently posted…Cadre PhotoMy Profile

  3. July 14, 2015 / 12:33 pm

    Those pictures look so cute MashaAllah 🙂


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