Surah Journey Junior – Quran Revision Board Game by Quran Plan

Disclosure: We received Surah Journey for the purposes of review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Quran is brought into every Muslim’s life at an early age. And it is important to teach children about it in a fun and engaging way. Memorising the Quran, whether it is some Surahs or the whole Quran is rewarding. And Surah Journey Junior aims to help you revise some surahs you may have learnt.

What is Surah Journey – Quran Revision Board Game?

Recommended for ages 5+ and for 2-4 players, Surah Journey is a board game to help with your revision of certain surahs. There are 2 versions, Surah Journey and Surah Journey Junior. Surah Journey Junior helps you practice practice surah Nas to surah Fajr.

Whats in the box?

In the box you receive:

  • Double sided game board
  • 4 counters
  • 20 number cards
  • Instruction sheet

How to Play Surah Journey Junior

Game play is very simple. The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the finish line. Each player takes it in turn to pick a number card and move their counter forward. If they land on a surah, they have to recite the surah in full (or specified verses) without any mistakes. There is one chance to correct any mistakes but after that they miss a turn if not recited correctly. There are special steps on the board, such as a blue arrow which allows you to move forward, and even shortcuts.

On one side of the board you can practice surah Nas to Asr. You can then flip over the game board for an advanced game to practice surah Nas to Fajr.

What did we think of the game?

The game is definitely helpful for those memorising the Quran, but it can also help encourage children to learn more Surahs.

I must admit that my children have only learnt a few Surahs to recite during their salah, but the game can encourage them to listen to the Surahs (on the phone) and start learning them. Or if they haven’t memorised the Surahs yet you could perhaps even adapt the game yourself to ask them a question about the surah.

How to buy Surah Journey Junior

You can purchase the game direct from the Quran Plan website.

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